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Have you guys seen this hashtag trending right now: #MyWelcomeMat? What would you put on your welcome mat?

I’ve been thinking about that and I think I would have revolving mats. Depending on the day, who is coming over, and whether I was home or not home, that would all determine what mat I put out. One day it might read, “Come on in, you’re welcome!” Another one might be, “Take off your boots! We just mopped the floor!” Another one might be, “Come on in, you want to talk about Jesus?”

Or, especially if it’s family coming over, “You’re always welcome! Spend as much time as you want and we don’t care how much you mess up the house.”

Obviously, some of these would have to be very small letters to go on a welcome mat, but I know this: I always want our house to have an open door to anyone who wants to come in and we’ll show them great hospitality. What would you put on your welcome mat?

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You Aren’t Forgotten

You Are Welcome Here

In the joy and excitement and glitter of the season, there are those who are hurting.

My heart goes out to those who were injured or traumatized by the Amtrak disaster and I can’t help but to think of those in California who will not celebrate Christmas like in the past because their house has been destroyed. I think of those dealing with a tough medical condition or even those who have job uncertainty. I don’t want to forget about those people, so when the Lord prompts me to think about those who may be hurting during Christmas, I just pray for them.

I pray that those near to them will step up and step out to minister to them. We hear that this season can be depressing for people, and I pray that God will give me eyes to see and a sixth sense to feel if anyone who is hurting comes into contact with me so that I can let them know that they are seen, they are heard, and there is a God who wants to give them JOY this Christmas.

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