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A Crack Up Record Breaker!

Friday night was an absolute, incredible, festive blast!

It was a sold-out crowd at Christmas Crack Up!

Christmas Crack Up is an initiative to have a night of laughter, music, and, at the same time, meet a need in the community. A lot of people don’t know that there are homeless people in Livingston county and the majority of those who are homeless are women and children that have been abused.

So, the money that is raised through ticket sales and other ways provides housing and a little bit of Christmas cheer to those families.

Amazing job Venture church and those in the community who bought tickets.

Well done to those who planned and prepared and created a night of smiles, laughter, and great connection. I’m really proud of our staff and our volunteer core who had to make adjustments because of the size of the crowd and they did an incredible job accommodating everyone who came out for the show. Everything flowed in an incredible way.

It truly was a night of laughter and enjoyment. Well done, church!

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Equip Night Recap

Sept. 15th was a big night at Venture church as we embarked on our first-ever leadership night!

Now some would say, “wait, we do leadership events – we go to Global Leadership summit and we send people to seminars,” and all of that is true. But, Equip Night was about bringing together paid staff, part-time staff, volunteers, and anyone serving in leadership role at Venture church. And, let me tell you, the night was incredible.

It was great to bring people together in community where we could see, sense, and feel that we were part of something bigger than ourselves.

One of my takeaways from the event was this: People felt connected with God, with each other, with their teams, and with the other teams that make up Venture church. But, the greatest part of the night, in my opinion, is this: People felt valued. They felt valued as individuals, they felt valued in their gifts being used for something bigger than themselves, they felt valued for their part in embodying the mission, vision, values and purpose of Venture.

Equip Night equipped people to be influencers wherever they’re at – in the community, in their workplaces, at venture church – living their God-given destiny in this life that God has given to them.

It is something we will repeat annually and I say to the team that put it together, the team that was involved in making it happen: excellent job – thank you!! Kudos for an excellent night that created value, connection, and community.

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