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Parkland, FL

There really aren’t words.

There are facts and stories and media coverage, but there still lacks an explanation that could begin to make sense of the tragedy that occurred on Valentine’s Day in Parkland, FL.

When I do not know what to think, what to say and or how to respond I go to God who knows all. I also pray for the families that have been traumatized. That God will heal their pain, anger, grief and loss.

Instead of trying to give an opinion, I only want to urge my fellow Christ-followers to pray and to put faces and names to the young lives that were lost.

The Names and Faces of the Florida School Shooting Victims

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Another School Shooting?

A shooting at a high school? Another shooting at a high school? There are two words that both start with “t” that come to my mind: the first is tragedy.

What a tragedy with what occurred in Kentucky this week as another shooting took place, and I pray because that’s what I can do. And I hope that there will be those who know Christ who come around and appropriately love the families of those who have lost a child, or those who, right now, are in a hospital, or those who have just been traumatized by this this horror.

This type of stuff should not happen, but it does because of the second “t” word: trouble. The young man who did this is troubled. What caused him to pick up that gun? Were the parents involved in this young man’s life? Was this young man bullied? Regardless, he does not have enough self-respect to love himself because, as a result, he is not loving others. But, I also want to pray for him and ask, “what would cause a young man to do this?”

Through all this I know that the love, comfort and encouragement that only comes from Christ is needed in that community for the students, the parents, and the administrators. I just hope and pray that people will cling to truth and the hope and the love that only Christ can bring to a situation like this. The situation is traumatic, troubling and, in this case, I only know to run to Christ. There are no easy answers to this situation. There is no quick fix. There is prayer, there is rebuilding in that community and there is turning to God with our broken hearts for this tragedy.

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My Thoughts on “Thoughts & Prayers”

Have you other thought that we say things that are rather trite? That we haven’t thought through what we say when someone is really hurting and we don’t know quite have the right words so we blurt out something that is really insensitive, empty or, dare I say, stupid?

How about when we mean well, but our words are lacking? How about when we don’t have the words and so we just use the phrase, “you’re in my thoughts and prayers?”

Are they?

How often do you think about that person?

How often do you really pray for that person?

Here’s a good test: if someone is really in our thoughts and prayers then they should also be considered in our actions.

  1. Maybe that action is a bouquet of flowers delivered to their desk.
  2. Maybe it is a handwritten letter rather than an email.
  3. Maybe it is literally taking ten or fifteen minutes out of our schedule and dropping in and just giving someone a hug and wishing them a good day and genuinely, in that moment, praying for them.

You know what’s interesting? A lot of people who use the phrase claim that they don’t really know how to pray, and yet they know God. Prayer is just communication, letting it all hang out with God. Sometimes when I pray with people in their presence, I literally say, “I don’t know what to say, but God you know what I’m trying to say here please give me the right words.”

Follow Through With What You Say

Here’s what this blog today is really about, and maybe it’s because of what’s happening with me.

It’s about me wanting to be more aware of what I say and how I say it. By the way, being an extrovert and someone who can really be out there, I’ve blown it many times.

But, if I tell someone they are in my thoughts and prayers, I better mean it.

I better follow through. Because if I really mean it, then God will prompt me to do something for and with them – how about you?

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