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My Thoughts on Jim Caldwell

Well, the revolving door has happened again and if you’re a sport’s enthusiast then you know what I’m talking about. The regular season of the NFL is done and, therefore, there’s about six coaches who are looking for new opportunities. Six NFL teams are looking for new coaches.

One of them who has been released is Jim Caldwell – coach for the Detroit Lions.

A Man of Character

Jim Caldwell was successful with the Lions, but it wasn’t good enough because they weren’t consistent competitors in the game. But you know what? Jim Caldwell will be fine – and I’m not talking about his financial status.

I’m talking about the fact that he is a man of character.

Some people say he wasn’t enthusiastic enough but I’ll tell you this: He is very steady.

All those who worked with him will tell you, he not only knew Xs and Os, but he knew how to guide young men in how to live their lives with character, courage and commitment. Now, Jim Caldwell wasn’t a guy who put out billboards or advertised the fact that he is a follower of Jesus, but he is. And for that reason, Jim Caldwell, I’m sure, thanks God for the opportunity he had in Detroit and will look forward to the next opportunity God has for him to live life fully. I never had the opportunity to meet Jim Caldwell but he was an individual who was groomed by a man, Tony Dungy, another man of incredible character, and he has continued the legacy of raising up other young men to strong and steadfast.

So, maybe sometimes it doesn’t matter if you win or lose a game, but it matters if you win or lose in life.

Caldwell, in life, is a winner.

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