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Shifting Our Focus

We recently concluded an incredible series at Venture called Threat Detected, all about learning from the bad boys and girls of the Bible to detect the temptations in our own lives. The emotional, relational and spiritual response to this series has been STRONG.

Now we are onto a new series that I am really excited about: SHIFT. This series will be about learning to shift our focus from what’s around us to the One above us.

This series is going to tackle some tough subjects in a lot of ways: ambivalence, recreation, business, priorities.

Why? Because people’s values are shifting and, at times, they are moving away from God and the church.

So, we want to equip people to be able to be in healthy conversations with others, talking about the very reasons that may cause people to be shifting away from church and/or their relationship with God. If you know of folks that could benefit from this series, or if this rings true for your own life, these messages may help you and others who struggle with being far from God or far from church. I invite you, for the month of august, to join us for Shift!

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Our own metamorphosis

We’re in a series at The River on 59 called Metamorphosis. It’s all about the changes we go through in life.

As our guest speaker Scott Crownover so well said this past week:

Everything God creates is for the purpose of change. Creation is about transformation.

This hits home for me when thinking about our own journey as The River. The transformation we’re in is not only about a new campus, and growing numerically, but it’s about our spiritual growth. Who we are isn’t changing, but we will be changing our name. There’s another church north of us in Holly with the same name and so to halt confusion, we’re going to make this change.

This may have been quite a surprise to some people when we announced it last week, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

There are four main reasons we’re going through this change…

1. Inviting: There have been a lot of instances where people from The River on 59 invite friends to church and they mistakenly go to the wrong River church. We don’t want there to be any more confusion.

2. Style: The River in Holly comes from a specific denomination and we come from an arts-driven, outreach-focused non-denominational background. We just have a different style.

3. Contributions: We love when people contribute to the dreams and mission of The River, but there have been times when we’ve received donations meant for the church in Holly and we’ve sent those checks along. This is a big issue and because it’s dealing with people’s finances, we want to amend the problem as soon as possible.

4. Campusing North: We have a God-sized mission of reaching the largest number of non-churched, seeking people with the love and message of Christ and to do so we will be reaching out further to the North. This makes our geographic overlap larger and more confusing.

People have questions and I understand that. We don’t yet know our new name and are asking for suggestions (ideas@therivercc.net). When we open our doors on the new campus in October 2014, we’ll have the new name. It’s a great opportunity; I’m stoked!


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Drive on

I like to drive.

You know why?

I like to watch people. I like to see different settings, situations, and driving allows me to get away and think.

And you know, when I think, I want my thinking to be about Phil 4:8:

Philippians 4:8: Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

How about you? What does it tell you about your thinking?

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