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The Challenge to Tithe

At Venture Church, we’re challenging those who call Venture their home to take a 90 day Challenge – 90 days to tithe. What is tithe? A tenth. We are joining together to challenge ourselves to tithe, or give to God, ten percent out of our income.

Really, the challenge is this: Will you be willing to step out in faith and give to God a portion that He deserves? Because, the truth is that every single thing we have is a gift from God.

And, if after 90 days, you are not feeling the presence of God, feeling that God has spoken to you or that God has provided, then you can have your money back.

We believe that when we give the full ten percent tithe, that God responds by leading us at a deeper level to be with Him and for Him.

But, if you don’t feel this happens for you over the 90 days, then there is a 100% money back guarantee (as long as you give for the full 90 days).

We are asking folks to read the book Be Rich by Andy Stanley and we will have commitment wristbands or key chains to mark your participation.

I’ve already had individuals come up to me and say how excited they are to take their next step with Christ and start to tithe.

That is something that always excites me and I can’t wait to take this challenge with the church. Are you ready for your next step? Join the challenge.

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What The River IS and ISN’T… in case you’re wondering…

With the launch of our new website recently, I’ve been thinking about a lot of new things lately. The team worked really hard on it and it forced us to really think about who we are as a church.

As a result, I began to think about who I am and who God wants me to be. When it comes down to it, because of my nature of wanting to see people grow and believe it or not with my extrovert-ish personality, I just want people to like me.

There I said it, whew!

When God is moving a person to change, it can be uncomfortable. When God is nudging me to think more about what I am in his reflection than in others… that can be uneasy.

Similarly, I think we’re that kind of church at The River on 59. We’re a change, challenge kind of church. People who don’t want to will feel uncomfortable around me and at The River. It’s not the place to stare at your navel and pick out the lint… because let’s be honest, gross.

We celebrate Christ and the great things we’re seeing as a result.

Change isn’t easy… some people don’t want to change. I can’t convince anyone to change. It’s an act of will. It’s God speaking to them. If someone feels the nudge of change and hides from it… it’s sad to me.

Change can be a pain! But I can’t ask and encourage other people to change if I’m not willing to do so myself.

As we grow at The River, for example, I have to be more focused on planning ahead.  For some, the change in me may not be quick enough. Sometimes I fight change and want to do things my way.

That’s self centered! Change in Christ always creates a better person.

What change is God speaking to you about in your life? 


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Your challenge, should you choose to accept it…

… but this message won’t self destruct. In fact, the message is the challenge.

I’ve been offering up challenges from the stage for a while now. Why?

It’s because of the people behind the feedback I receive. I got a note just this morning from an individual who said:

“I’m taking the challenges of the week and reading God’s word. It’s helping in a way I never thought as possible.”

Why is that? God’s word changes people. It’s changing me. Every time I read scripture I get something new out of it; even if I’ve read the same chapter 100 times. If you mull over the word you can’t help but be changed.

Are you reading Mark 9 this week?


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