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Did You Miss Michigan Day?

There seems to be a day for everything. There’s a Valentine’s Day, there’s a Sweetheart Day, there’s a Father’s Day and a Mother’s Day; I bet there’s even a Peanut Butter Day or a Love Your Cat Day. I wasn’t aware of this, but there’s actually a National Michigan Day and it happened yesterday on January 18th. Some days seem frivolous, but Michigan Day actually makes sense. Why? Because Michigan is a fun place to live!

You get all four seasons here. The one we’re in now, you get cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and some hunting seasons are still open. And then the Spring comes and some people start anticipating going to up north cottages and enjoying time on our great lakes. We live in one of the greatest states with water. In the summer people can be out boating and even in the winter you’ll find Michiganders out running, walking, and fishing on the frozen ice.

We’ve got great carnivals from summer to winter and with each season we can find something to celebrate in this great mitten of ours.

I don’t want to disparage any other state specifically, especially a certain one right south of us that I won’t even mention by name, but you drive through other states and they’re rather boring! But, the state of Michigan – with the water, the wildlife and the dunes, the snow and  the beauty of each season – is a great state to live in! So, if you’ve heard those commercials with Tim Allen as the spokesperson, it is pure Michigan, and it’s a great state to live in.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to point out where you live on your hand, then get out there and enjoy our great state!

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Unsung Heroes

You see it in the news, you hear it in the radio: California is in flames.

Parts of Southern California are battling a blaze that is larger than New York City and Boston combined. What a tragedy. People are losing homes, pets, community structures and, though it’s happening on the other side of the country, it’s a big deal. My hope and prayer is that the church of Jesus Christ in California rises up to get those people assistance.

When I see headlines like that, I also think of all the unsung – those who are battling the fire and giving assistance to those in need. These firefighters, service members, and volunteers are helping entire communities whose Christmas season has now been radically altered from gift buying and family traditions to trying to salvage their homes and belongings from the flames.

These unsung heroes are acting with unbelievable love and compassion.

This makes me think of other selfless servants. Nurses who work on Christmas day. People serving our elderly in nursing homes during the holidays. My mind begins to think about these people who work behind the scenes, who make bad situations much more tolerable for people.

Thanks for being there when no one else was, thanks for changing your schedule to help someone else in their unexpected life situation.

All this goes back to the idea of appreciation – of having an attitude of gratitude. I hope this spurs you to thank someone who is carrying the weight and giving that person a voice of encouragement and appreciation. It can make all the difference.

And, remember, the Bible says to be kind in our works and to express words of kindness to one another.

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Thanking Our Veterans

In some ways, I think that I missed out on life.

I don’t have regrets, but I do feel I may have missed out by never having served in the military.

I was never in the armed services, but I have family members that served and good friends that were, and are, in the military.

I don’t know if it was the way I was raised, but I have a deep respect for people who have served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard.

I don’t say that simply to appear patriotic, I sincerely mean it.

The truth is, without the sacrifice, the training, the camaraderie, and the bravery of these men and women who served, we wouldn’t be experiencing life the way we do in America.

When I run by a cemetery and I see flags waving, representing Veterans Day or Memorial Day, I get moved. I’ve been able to see my sons and daughters move into adulthood, but there are other people who had a son or daughter who willingly stepped into the military and they didn’t come home alive.

And for that, I’m forever indebted to those individuals who have fallen and to the families that paid a deep price.

Our Gratitude Should Last More Than a Day

So, wherever you are on the political spectrum, in this arena there is no Republican or Democrat, there is no black or white, red or yellow. We are human beings thanking human beings who sacrificed lives, limbs, time with loved ones, memories missed and special moments skipped as they devoted themselves to our country.

Even beyond this Veterans Day and throughout this Thanksgiving season, we should all have a heart of gratitude for our armed service members past and present.

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