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We started a new series on Sunday called Absent: Searching for God in the Darkness.

This is about addressing the question many people are asking right now: Where is God?

  1. Week 1: Where is God in the Darkness?
    Why does God allow bad things to happen? Why does He let evil occur? These are probably the most common questions regarding God in our world and this week we will expand our understanding of who God is, why He allows evil actions to take place, and how we can bring light into the darkness.
  2. Week 2: Where is God in My Failure?
    Where do God and I stand when I mess up or make mistakes? Is the connection strained or severed when I fail? Can I even have a relationship with God based on my messy past? These worries are typical, but they are also based on a misconception of who God is and His incredible capacity for love and forgiveness.

  3. Week 3: Where is God in My Stress
    Does God care that I’m feeling overwhelmed? Is He present when I’m stressed and drowning in too much to do and too much to bear? Sometimes our search for God feels frantic and demanding as we beg Him to lift our burdens. But, God is there. He is there and desiring for you to trust Him, to depend on Him, to take comfort in the knowledge that you will never go through life alone.
  4. Week 4: Where is God in Injustice?
    Why don’t good people get a good life and bad people get a bad life? It only seems fair. But, that’s looking at it from a human perspective. If we can see people through God’s eyes, suddenly our idea of fair and unfair is shifted. Once we adopt this perspective, God’s power and peace will follow.

Where is God when earthquakes strike? Where is God when hurricanes destroy homes? Where is God when all of these shootings take place? Where is God when self-centered people take the lives of others? Where is He amidst the loss and heartbreak and devastation?

We Cannot Ignore the Questions People are Asking

What I really appreciate abut churches like Venture is that we’re not scared or reluctant to talk about those questions and those real feelings of doubt that people have when it seems like God is absent from our lives.

This series is going to be incredible. For those of you that live nearby, bring people! And, if you’re reading this blog but you don’t live close to Venture, then listen to the podcast.

Because the truth is this: God has shown up and God is going to continue to show up. It feels sometimes like God is absent but I think, in fact I really believe, that He’s not only aware of our pain but He feels it along with us each time a tragedy like the shooting in Texas or the hurricane in Florida occurs.

The truth is He is always present. He is always there with us. He feels our pain, He fosters our hope, and He listens to our questions.

And, when we search for God in the darkness, we will always find a light for our path.

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