Eagles, and Lions, and Faith, Oh My

How Football Can Teach Us More Than Xs and Os

It’s interesting how people experience sports. The Super Bowl is a good example of this. Some people enjoy it as a time to be low-key at home by themselves or with a few friends or just with their dogs watching the game. Others like to be out at parties or present at the actual stadiums joining in the action. However we view sports, there’s something to be learned from the game.

What we learned from the Super Bowl this year is that sports and faith aren’t necessarily separate circles – they can, in fact, overlap.

We learned that members of the winning team, the Philadelphia Eagles (who are enjoying their win today with a parade), did not feel the need to be politically correct about their personal relationship with Christ.

  • They pray as a team
  • They have had several players be baptized this season
  • They have Bible studies together

Members of the Eagles have been open about their beliefs, their convictions, and their faith walk. What’s so refreshing about this is that these players didn’t exhibit their faith in an artificial or over the top way. It’s a great reminder to all of us that when we talk about Christ there’s a way to project what we believe without being judgmental or offensive to others.

Who knew we would learn all that through football?

Leadership Lessons from the Lions

Another lesson comes from a bit of local news about our Detroit Lions. A new coach has been hired for the Lions (which seems like this is a reoccurring event) named Matt Patricia, the formerly the defensive coordinator for the New England Patriots.

. If Matt is a leader and can bring the right group of people around him, he may just be able to take our Lions to the championship. It will all depend on how good of a leader he is. This is a lesson for us as well, our progression and achievements in life often depend on the people around us and our growth as a leader as we follow and strive to be more like the greatest leader, God.

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