Kicking Off the Year With a New Series: Now What?

We’re starting a new series at Venture called: Now What? – Jesus was born… who cares?

Our creative teams came up with this title and concept, and I love it.

Christmas is treated as an annual event – a once-a-year experience. It came and now it’s over until the next once. But God never intended it that way at all.

The birth of Jesus, the entire reason for the season, wasn’t a singular event that’s remembered each year, it’s an ongoing miracle that continues to shape our lives to this very day – if we let it.

I especially like the sub-line for this series: Jesus was born…who cares?

What’s the big deal? What’s the big whoop?

Well, it was a big deal and is still a big deal. Because He came to be God with us and to be our Savior. But, He not only came to be our Savior – He came to be our Lord. So, we should care. Because Christ’s coming causes life change. I understand some people don’t buy into that… but Jesus isn’t dead like other gods – He is alive, and guess what? If He’s alive and He can be alive in us, then we should care that He came. And, as a result, we should ask the question: Now what? What does Jesus’s arrival and his continued existence in my life mean for me this year?

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