My Family in 3 Words

When I think of my family, the first three words that come to mind are: Christ, traditions and fun.

The first word is Christ. For me and my family, Christ is at the center and He is the reason we celebrate, we sing and we get together.

My second word is traditions because I love what we do as a family. We get together to bake and cook, we travel together, or we go do outdoor activities together. And, I’ll let you in on an insider tradition: Holiday Kielbasa. My whole family knows that Christmas is the only time we bring out this special food and share it as a family. We could get it other days of the year but it wouldn’t be as special. We’ll have to wait a full year to enjoy it together again – but that’s part of the joy of family traditions.

The last word is fun.

I love the laughter, I love the jokes, I love going to the movies, going skiing, and spending time with family doing activities that make us laugh and bring us closer together.

That’s what’s on my mind as we enter 2018.

Happy New Year from my Christ-centered, tradition-loving, fun family to yours!

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