Getting Into the Rhythm of Christmas

All that leads up to Christmas is special to me. I love the smell of cookies, the different scents of candles, the Christmas music, and even, the anticipation of snow (especially since I’m a ski enthusiast). I also love the series that we’re in at Venture Church called Prelude.

Prelude is a series that is looking at the Christmas carols that point to joyful living and the reason for the season: Christ. Music plays such an important role in most people’s lives and we are in one of those seasons where music is a vital, joyful, celebratory expression of our anticipation of Christmas.

Check Out the Carols for Each Week of the Prelude Series

If you’re in the area – come join us for the three Sundays leading up to Christmas and be sure to join us at one of our Christmas celebrations on the 23rd (3, 5, 7pm) & 24th (9 & 11am, 1 & 3pm).

Learn More About our Christmas Experiences

You will hear great music and a great message that will give you the motivation and encouragement to go boldly and with enthusiasm into the new year!

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