Proverbs 28:13

In light of what we hear about and read about and see on TV almost every day (at least that’s what it feels like) about allegations of assault, it looks like there is a Proverb that is coming to fruition in our society today.

Proverbs 28:13

The Proverb states, “Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy.”

It would appear that a whole lot of confession would have been beneficial before accusations were made. Now, I don’t want to point any fingers because we all have cobwebs in our closets.

But, the issue is this: sin corrupts, sin corrodes, sin deteriorates.

And, if it’s not dealt with, it will build and it will come back and it will haunt.

Thank God for the forgiving and saving power of Jesus Christ. If we come to Him, seeking mercy and confess our sins, He is faithful in forgiving our sins.

So, in light of everything going on, let us all take inventory and if there’s anything we need to confess let’s bring it to the light and go before God and, maybe, go and ask forgiveness of someone we’ve affected by our actions.

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3 thoughts on “Proverbs 28:13

  1. Connie Grimes says:

    Great words! Especially when you said that sin not dealt with will build and it will come back and it will haunt! Sin corrupts, corrode, and deteriorates. Unfortunately one has to admit they have a problem and deal with it. How sad that we try to justify our sin because we are not ready to change 🙁

    • Terry says:

      Thanks for your feedback. Christ wants us to be free of all our baggage so we can live new/refreshed lives. Sin never wins.

  2. Kristen Kendall-miller says:

    Thank you for these words

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