To All The Time Change Complainers

Why do people freak out at the time changing when daylight saving time ends? Some people declare that it messes up their sleep rhythm, but it sure shouldn’t this time around since we get an extra hour of sleep!

Sometimes I just think that people don’t know what to talk about. Example: Have you ever overheard peoples’ conversations in a grocery line or bank line? (And, by the way, I know a lot of people don’t stand in bank lines anymore since everything is done electronically).

If it’s windy they complain about the wind, if it’s humid they complain about the humidity. If it’s rainy they complain about the rain, if it’s snowing they complain about the snow. Do you know what I think? They’re spiritual gift must be complaining, because when they complain that it’s too cold they turn right around and complain when it’s too hot. When is it ever good? Is any season safe from the onslaught of complaints? If all you have to talk about is the weather or the time change, then I think maybe there needs to be an evaluation of your purpose in life.

And, hey, if it really is the weather then maybe you need to go to school and become a meteorologist!

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