Praying for Manhattan

Yesterday we learned of another sick act of cowardice with the attack that took place in Manhattan. Who decides to rent a truck and just start mowing innocent people down? Some words that come to mind are sick, senseless, self-centered, depraved, and anger.

And all of those feelings and emotions are legit, but as a follower of Christ I got to change that mindset. I can’t let bitterness and defeatism and hopelessness enter in.

So, I must fight those feelings with other words, like “pray.” Pray for those who are injured, pray for those who have suffered a loss, pray for those who are emotionally scarred from this act. Another word that comes to mind is “seeds.”

I just pray that people will cast seeds of hope and love. 

Give a bouquet at an appropriate time, sit down and love and just listen to someone who is hurting, and just present Jesus to those who need Him most. And, I know, that can sound so trite but I don’t know where else to run. Some people run to alcohol or pornography or spouting negativity on Facebook. But, the Bible says that when all hell is breaking loose I have someone who is my advocate, I have someone who is my interceptor, I have someone who feels my pain and sorrow.

God is our advocate, interceptor & empathizer

So, it’s not just a simplistic answer to turn to Jesus. We need Him most when these horrible acts occur. You can’t explain this kind of stuff, except to say that there is truly good and there is certainly evil. And, we can cast seeds of good and of hope and of comfort and sometimes that means just praying to God and allowing Him to heal what humans so often try to break.

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