Your Gifts Go Beyond You

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have purpose and others seem to be going through life aimlessly? You can just tell, can’t you? Some people seem to get up in the morning and they’re excited they have the breath to breathe and want to get at life…and others seem to just exist. I believe that the difference lies in some people realizing their giftedness; they understand how they are wired and where their strengths are. And they line up what they have to do during the day with these gifts and it brings them purpose.

Jesus says that every individual has gifts, which are special abilities that can be used to encourage others.

Here is my main point: Gifts are never designed to be used just for us.

Now for those who may be reading this who do not read the Bible on a regular basis, there are two places in Scripture that list what spiritual gifts are:

  1. Romans 12:6–8
  2. 1 Corinthians 12:8–10

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There are gifts of leadership, of generosity, of service, of hospitality, etc. There are certain people who truly enjoy hosting people and bringing them to their house to serve and entertain them. Others have anxiety attacks over being a host. Some people are really good with their hands and can build incredible things. Others seem like they have no hands when they try to build something.

But, everybody has gifts! When we understand what our gifts are, we begin to understand who we are and what we are designed to do.

And, these gifts are never for ourselves, they never inward-focused.

A gift, a special skill that God gives us, is always about benefitting others and in this process of benefitting others, we are benefitted. I have mentioned this in past posts, and I’m talking about it again because I really believe that if people came to grips with who they are and the abilities God has given them, they would begin to feel purpose.

And in the process of developing these gifts, there’s a wellness and joy that begins to blossom in people because they are doing what they were designed to do. And if you don’t know what your gifts are, you can go directly to our online spiritual gifts test and learn.

So, when you get up in the morning what do you get excited about? What lights you up and gives you direction?

One last thing: Don’t put high emphasis on your weaknesses; instead, develop what God has given you and you will approach each and every day as an opportunity to fulfill your purpose here on earth.

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