Making Sense of the Media Part 1

Do you ever take a rest from the media? The negativism? The absolute avalanche of information that we can get instantaneously?

When I peer through the media haze and look, I see so many contradictions. People say one thing and do another thing.

It’s in the political ranks, it’s on social media, on talk radio. It can make your mind smoke, and it doesn’t end there. Sports, relationships, television – there are so many messages being shouted all at once that it becomes undistinguishable chatter.

It’s just caused me to think, how am I living my life? Is my life one of consistency and character because I follow Christ? Or are there contradictions in my life?

I think of those people I really respect and one thing about them is this: they are consistent. They’re consistent because they’re grounded. Because they understand who they are and they’re not trying to be something else. Because they understand their purpose and surround themselves with good people. On a regular basis they are feeding themselves with grounded guidance. Now, if you read this blog on the regular then you know that I believe grounded guidance comes straight from the Bible.

These people I’m referring to, who stay grounded through His word, also consistently grow. And when the attacks of life happen and the struggles happen and that which they never planned for happens, they don’t fall apart. They grow through it.

And they’re life is not one of contradictions but one of consistency.

I want to be a consistent man who loves God, who loves others, and who looks out for the interest of others. That often means I need to unplug from the media and plug into the word of God.

How about you?

The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever. ~ Isaiah 40:8

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