Destructive. Devastation. Damaging.

These are the words that come to mind when I hear that name, “Hurricane Harvey,” when I see the pictures, and I listen to people who are actually living through this.

The natural disaster that flooded the communities of Houston and shook our country by its tragedy is on a level not felt since Hurricane Katrina.

Families are hurting, they are in pain – and I kind of feel helpless to better a situation that is so huge. But, we need to have empathy during this time and to utilize that empathy through our words and actions. My first reaction is to do what any follower of Jesus should do: Just pray. 

Pray that the spirit of Christ will rise up and minister to people in need, people who are hurting, people who are distraught.

I know there are people from Venture who are actively planning on taking time away from their schedules to link up with an organization we are involved with called DRAW, which is a group that provides relief to communities around the U.S. that have been hit by natural disasters.

In the future, I know we need to be sensitive and on the lookout for churches in the Houston area that may be assisting the rebuilding process, and maybe God will lead us to help in those efforts either by sending a team down or by supporting it financially. If you feel led to donate to the ongoing cause of helping Houston, there is an incredible organization called Samaritan’s Purse – a Christian-based, boots-on-the-ground group that are always one of the first one the scene for situations like this.

There are some people that will probably never restore their lives as they once knew it. This is not a quick or easy fix, and the residents of Houston will need the love and support of our country long after the water recedes. Which is why I pray for those in leadership positions, that they will have wisdom beyond their expertise or education to minister to people in this time of deep need.

I also pray that we do not linger too long on words like devastation and destruction when we think of Houston, but we also turn our mind to words like strength, hope, and providence.

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