Shifting Our Focus

We recently concluded an incredible series at Venture called Threat Detected, all about learning from the bad boys and girls of the Bible to detect the temptations in our own lives. The emotional, relational and spiritual response to this series has been STRONG.

Now we are onto a new series that I am really excited about: SHIFT. This series will be about learning to shift our focus from what’s around us to the One above us.

This series is going to tackle some tough subjects in a lot of ways: ambivalence, recreation, business, priorities.

Why? Because people’s values are shifting and, at times, they are moving away from God and the church.

So, we want to equip people to be able to be in healthy conversations with others, talking about the very reasons that may cause people to be shifting away from church and/or their relationship with God. If you know of folks that could benefit from this series, or if this rings true for your own life, these messages may help you and others who struggle with being far from God or far from church. I invite you, for the month of august, to join us for Shift!

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