Why I’m Excited About the Expanded Legacy Center

I love it when I see progress, change and people doing life differently! When I speak of this, I have a specific example in mind: The Legacy Center in Brighton.

I’m excited about the Legacy Center not only because it’s an incredible athletic complex, but because they’ve just announced the installation of six new baseball/softball fields on top of their already massive fitness center, 7 outdoor multi-sport fields, and 5,000 sq. ft. baseball/softball training center!

I love when people come together, families come together, and teams come together and this new addition will allow that to happen to a whole different degree. But there’s something extra special to my excitement, because I personally know the people behind the Legacy Center and I understand why they’re doing this expansion –  and that’s the Goble Family.

And I just want to say – way to go, Rodney! Way to go, Roger! Way to go, Amy! Way to go, Susan! And I could keep going – but you get the idea. To the Goble Family: Continue to make a difference for the community and make a difference in people’s lives!!

The announcement of this expansion also gets me excited about the addition we will soon be adding to Venture Church. This Spring we will be putting in, as part of the development of our church campus, a running/walking trail with workout stations throughout. What I have discovered is that when people develop mentally, socially, spiritually and physically – in all those four core areas – their lives radically change because that’s how God has made us.

To anyone working to help others develop in any of those four areas and making a difference in the lives of people – WAY TO GO! That’s what it’s really all about.


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