Being a dad and a grandpa

Father’s Day weekend was amazing!

At SummerFest at Venture there was great food, music, activities for families, unbelievable cars and dragsters that did burn outs  in our parking lot. So loud and cool!

It was really encouraging to see a large number of people from the community who attended and came back even on Sunday. I was just so proud of the team that worked to pull off such a great event – thank you to everyone… especially this guy – my friend Greg – that gave Greg Williams and I a ride 10 stories up! 

On Father’s Day we saw people baptized at both our experiences. That may freak people out but, it’s an identification with Jesus, obedience to Him as He said believe and be baptized. It’s a public display that individuals want to be identified with Jesus. I’m so proud of all those who took that step!

Then the weekend culminated in a really special time with my family in the water, at the beach and with a fun BBQ.

It’s interesting the dynamic taking place with my family… now that I have 5 grandchildren, my youngest son is getting married, my daughter is an amazing aunt and really growing. It’s just a different stage and it’s fun to watch my own children navigate big life decisions and even being a parent.

I’m not going to lie, it’s also fun to see them chase the kids and change the dirty diapers!

But it’s just really special to have such a great connection with my family – who are all connected with Christ. I’m just a blessed man and I really do thank God for my children, their mates and my grandchildren!


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