Welcome Malachi Trenton

Well, I am an emotional wreck…

At 2:15 this morning my wife woke me up  to let me know she was leaving quickly to go over and be with my granddaughter Logan. My son – Logan’s Dad and Mom Andrea were heading to the hospital because a new little boy was coming into the world…

I cried then and I’m crying now as they made the official announcement that Malachi Trenton Prisk was born just  few hours later. He’s 7 lb. 13 oz, 21.5 inches long and rumor has it his hair is blonde and here’s the picture to prove it!

It’s so wonderful seeing how my son – Shea Trenton – carried on the tradition of giving his son his middle name… which made me tear up too!

I guess I’m feeling so emotional not just because of the joy of Jeanette and I having another grandchild, it’s also at the creative work of God, the miracle of God, the unbelievable creativeness of God that goes into birth. I’m overwhelmed! It’s beyond my comprehension truly that anyone would not fully dedicate themselves to Jesus just based upon the principle of birth…the supernatural nature of it.

So congratulations to Shea, Andrea and Logan, I’m one proud grandpa!

One thought on “Welcome Malachi Trenton

  1. Linda Sebold Clogg says:

    Congratulations Prisk family…. little Malachi is beautiful!!

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