Things I’ve been meaning to share…

It’s been a busy and fun few weeks with all things Prisk, so I wanted to catch up with three quick things…

1. I am blessed times infinity

This past weekend in spending time with my family, it just really made me realize how much I love, respect and appreciate my wife, my children, my daughter-in-laws, my future daughter-in-law Lauren and my grandchildren!

I just enjoy being around them, participating in their antics, seeing their laughter, the joy of the grandkids’ milestones, the unbridled giggles by the babies…

… and it hit me this morning, it’s because all of this communicates life and growth.

I am a blessed man. All of my children know Jesus, are following Jesus and are serving Jesus somewhere.

That right there makes me an incredibly blessed man!

2. Honoring those who sacrificed for us all this Memorial Day

Memorial Day marks the beginning of boating, camping, smelling like bonfires and a more laid back time, but it’s such a privilege to remember what it’s all about – those that gave their life, their all so we can have the freedom to enjoy that campfire and cookout.

It was a great day thanking those that served and reflecting on those who paid the price for our freedom. Before all the activities with my family, some of us from Venture along with many of our neighbors ran the Hartland Memorial Day 5k and 10k race. 4 of us representing Hope Water International medaled in our age divisions. I’m standing here with my friend Bob Winters who along with me, Rick Gordon and Curt Collins placed in the race!


It was such a good day to be together and get in some good exercise before indulging in too much food. I love those from Venture who either walked or ran just enjoy doing life together!

3. Mother’s Day Feedback

I was honored to speak this past Mother’s Day at Venture (here in case you missed it). A mother that I respect texted me afterwards about how we can’t give our children everything they desire or everything they want, but every mother can give Jesus to their children. It affects the way they act, love and encourage others.  This is a great reminder to Dads and grandparents too!

We all have a desire to give our kids more than we had, but if we give them a foundation in practical living with Jesus, then guess what? Whatever they do will be built from that foundation. On a daily basis in the way we show our kids love, we can show Jesus!

To that end, I received a lot of questions asking for the prayer I shared for Moms…. here you go! I hope it encourages you!


Dear God, none of us had perfect moms. But we honor our moms today on Mother’s Day because you chose them to create each of us.

Lord, for many, Mother’s Day is a difficult day… And so, we ask you to comfort those with heartache today. For those who’ve lost their mothers…comfort them. For moms who’ve lost a child, through miscarriage or through death…comfort them. We pray for our stepmoms who struggle with blending a family. We pray for those who have had a delayed adoption or even a failed adoption and their heart has been broken. Comfort these moms. Comfort those who’ve wanted to be mothers, but it just hasn’t happened. Comfort those who’ve struggled with infertility…. Wrap your arms around these women, dear Lord, and give them your comfort today.
At the same time, you’ve said to rejoice with those who rejoice…So, we celebrate with those who’ve given birth this year to a brand-new baby. We celebrate with those who have adopted children into their home or those who have graciously and warmly welcomed foster kids who need a loving home. Lord, we thank you for our moms in every stage of life. We thank you for the mothers of preschoolers whose work is never finished. We pray for the moms of grade schoolers who play chauffeur and pack lunches and help with homework every day. We thank you for moms who feel both the pride and the ache of now being in the empty nest stage.
On this Mother’s Day, Lord, we commit ourselves to honoring, and to loving, and to protecting the mothers in our lives, and we thank you for the gift of mothers. And we pray your blessing on them today. Amen


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