What’s gentleness got to do with it?

Well last Sunday I spoke on a subject that rocked my world: Gentleness.

Terrys gentleness quote

Now gentleness isn’t just the way we treat our animals or how we are with babies, it’s something more. And it doesn’t mean we’re weak or a doormat either… it’s all about strength under control. 

And guess what? Gentleness always wins.

If you’re going to be connected to the vine (John 15:5) and show gentleness, that may mean staying away from situations that may cause chaos, because we choose to and because we can.

Gentleness under control means we don’t get into certain arguments, situations, we choose to respond differently. There’s no softness or timidness about gentleness… some of the greatest leaders in history Abraham Lincoln and Jesus were gentle.

I know for me – a type A and extrovert kind of guy – I haven’t been gentle when I should in the past. That’s something I will be working on… I want that to be a characteristic from God in my life.

Give it some thought!

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