Crushing comfort zones with every training so far

You know what I appreciate? People who get out of their comfort zones… Comfortableness is a destroyer of individuality, creativity, God’s spirit working through us. I saw it again last Saturday when I was training with a wad of other people with Venture’s Hope Water Project team.

run 1

There are some people that I just want to tell you that it’s a stretch to walk, run, run/walk a half (13.1) or full marathon (26.2). But guess what, they’re getting out of their comfort zones.


Myself? I’m getting out of my comfort zone too right now with what I’m reading and who I’m hanging around, because I’ve got to change as a leader. When we’re comfortable, we don’t rely upon Jesus. When we get comfortable it’s more about us vs. other’s and God. Comfortable people, they’re pretty lethargic, pretty predictable. God was never predictable there was always the unexpected and unknown.

I hope you’re not getting too comfortable. And I hope regardless of your age you’re getting out of your comfort zone! (and PS yes there’s still time to join our Hope Water Project team and jump in any Saturday for our morning group runs at 8 a.m. at the Kensington Metropark East Boat Launch!)

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