The one where I admit I’m a Christmas junkie

Well, we’re in the season where people partake in holiday festivities and a lot of them are traditions.

I remember reading years ago that traditions that keep families together and I think that’s true of those we have at Thanksgiving, Christmas and even New Years.

Traditions are to me what comfort foods are to most people – it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and there’s nothing wrong with that!

I remember things my Mom did. She was a total Christmas decorating freak. It was like Bronners 2 at my house, we won outdoor lighting awards and my mom even had candy cane toilet paper! It’s a tradition she’s passed onto me, I’m a bona fide Christmas junkie (though I don’t have the themed toilet paper!)!

Traditions get a bad rep but they aren’t all bad. In my house we have a nativity that is put up before Thanksgiving, but baby Jesus doesn’t get put in until Christmas day. It used to be done by my children, but now it’s been passed down by my great grandchildren. It’s so heart-warming to see…

Traditions are great as long as they point people to something more important than themselves. If we keep Christ first that’s a great tradition and legacy to pass down to our families.

For me Christmas too is all about the connection, the relationships…

I was so excited the other day when my daughter-in-law Andrea texted me to ask if we were going to take our annual trip to look at lights and grab a bite to eat.  I haven’t even told her this yet but it brought a tear to my eye that she was as excited as me to hang out with her bald headed father-in-law!

So, last night we went… and it was awesome as always.  


It’s not about lights, but being about with Andrea who has such an amazing energy, joy and warmth in her. I look forward to our trip every year!

Relationships, traditions, Christ, connections, these are what get me geeked up about Christmas….

So here’s my challenge to you, take the initiative to get together with someone and just do something fun. It may be a tradition that continues to live on. Then we don’t forget what Christmas is all about: our relationship with Christ and others.

That’s the way God’s wired us, that’s even more important than the wiring of the lights.




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