Memorial Day and the 3 Rs

Memorial Day for me was all about the 3 R’s. This one has to do with Remembrance….

Venture’s creative arts team did an amazing job of showing respect and honor to the fallen and veterans with us.

There moment of silence that was guided with visuals and with scripture references leading into a song that highlighted sacrifice (Keith Urban’s For You) …and then a flag was brought down by a veteran to the front of our stage where other veterans joined him.

from our fb page

That was an experience I won’t soon forget. I couldn’t even get through the rehearsal without crying…

The moment was right, it was reverenced, it was humbling and at a level I’ve never experienced before… when I saw on the screens cemeteries lined with the graves of fallen soldiers and funeral processions, it made me realize that freedom has an incredible cost.

This is true of Jesus, without his sacrifice and us remembering what he did there’d be no spiritual life.

To say the least I was humbled and I don’t think I’ll be the same.

Photo posted on our Facebook page via Denise.

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