The son of the preacher man…

This past Sunday we honored our veterans and the significance of Memorial Day.

I was so proud of the experience our entire team put together because it wasn’t just a sentimental journey. It caused us to think about Memorial day in a different way. It’s all about sacrifice. And Sacrifice is part of living if you’re going to live life fully.

Our challenge this week is to continue to show gratitude to the military.  I heard from a guy who himself served in the military and he said he had forgotten to be thankful and honor those who have served including his own grandfather.

Now that’s impact!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t address our guest speaker: Shea Prisk. And yes we share a last name…

I don’t often talk about my family members, but yes Shea is my second oldest son.

I’ll be honest, I had a lot of mixed emotions about it.

Is he ready? He is.

Would I give him feedback properly? I gave him probably more criticism than anyone who has spoken at The River and he rose to the occasion.

Would it be strange to people at The River to see my son speak. I heard a lot of great feedback about his energy and perspective. He was vulnerable, transparent and brought a different point of view to Memorial Day.

If we all act with vulnerability and transparency, we’ll have a different perspective to EVERY day.

Well done Shea, well done.

If you missed it, check out the podcast here.

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One thought on “The son of the preacher man…

  1. Wendy Wawrzyniak says:

    I agree that Shea did did a great job – which didn’t surprise me as I’ve had the blessing of hearing him share w/ the high school students at The Warehouse. I should have been proactive w/ my compliments and I apologize the my tardiness. Great job Shea! As the service was ending Sunday, I took the time to send a text to a co-worker who had served in the military. I don’t know him very well but have had the privilage of working w/ him on about a dozen occasions. I do know that his wife is battling cancer. I sent him the following sims text: Happy Memorial Day. I thank you for your service and sacrifice. I thank God that you came home alive so that I can be blessed by knowing you. I’m praying for you and your wife in the battle with cancer.
    This was his reply: Thnx 4 ur mesage. It means a lot 2 know u r concernded about my wife. As 4 my svce it was an honor 2 do it 4 people like you & i am also very glad 2 know u 2.
    The next time I saw him at work he was near tears in appreciation for the sentiments. He asked what prompted me to send him that message. I explained the just of Shea’s message to him and that he was the first Vetern who came to my mind. He response was ‘that [The River] sounds like a great place.’. I assured him that it is and welcomed him and his wife to join us any time.
    You never know how much someone needs a simple act of kindness or thoughtfulness. When Fod prompts you dot do something just do it! Be the hands and feet of Jesus in any way that presents itself.
    Thanks again Shea. You were an instrument in the music that was placed in this man’s heart as he received the blessing of a sime, yet obviously powerful, text message.

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