the run

My emotional meter just kept rising last week with the Hope Water Project team in the Detroit Free Press Marathon. For 27 weeks of training we laughed, prayed, cried together, sweated together, we worked through injuries and the big day came. Some people walked and ran, some ran, the majority of people did the half, 13.1 miles… some did 26.2 and they are my heroes!


These are diehards!

I want to tell you, I get emotionally involved cheering people on, encouraging them, then to personally run over the Ambassador Bridge … On top of that bridge, looking over and seeing the Renaissance Center, thinking about the freedoms we have in U.S., being grateful we can run for a cause raising money for clean water for kids in Kenya and Uganda drinking dirty diarrhea water. It’s just overwhelming!


There were struggles for me too when my calves cramped up…. but the greatest part was greeting hundreds of HWP people as they crossed the finish line, giving high fives, hugs and salty cheek kisses!


When you do life with people like this a good salty hug is worth it all!


When you think of the price Christ paid for us he gave his all, it ties together…


I had to take a break on Monday because I was worn out, but I’d be worn out in that way any time of the week and any time of day because I saw Christ in multiple places among hundreds of people. Life can’t get any better than THIS!

Our first grandson

Well before this past weekend’s half marathon and after the Friday night wedding, our oldest son Trevor and his wife Jillian had their second child. Noah Joseph.


My father’s name was John Joseph, my name is Terry Joseph, my son is Trevor Joseph… and my wife’s father was Theodore Joseph. It’s a multi generational name and such an honor for me to see it continue!

There’s just something about birth; it’s a miracle! It can never be taken for granted.

I’m sure some women say can it be without some of the pain – and I wont’ go into that – but when you hold the life of one that’s been in the womb for 9+ months you can’t help but be in total awe. The God of the universe that creates all of the artistry of this Fall season creates a life by bringing 2 people together. It’s awesome, it’s creative and it’s an absolute picture of a living, creative God. Look at this precious baby (and ignore the woman on the screen sneeze photo bombing me!).

By the way, we learn in Genesis, the first book of the Bible, that Noah did everything that God commanded of him, including building the ark. That’s my prayer for Noah Joseph, that he would be obedient!

Emotional Overload

Well let me begin by saying this, I’m on emotional overload and it’s not a bad thing!

This past weekend was one of those most emotionally-charged, impactful, “are you kidding me” weekends that I’ve ever had! I’ll share throughout the week what went on, but here’s the gist:

  • I was privileged to officiate at a wedding for Austin and Kristen Goble, a wedding where not only did I know the couple well but I was thankful to be part of a holy moment with them!
  • Then our first grandson (4th grandchild) was boorn!
  • And this all happened the same weekend as the Detroit Free Press marathon, which was a culmination of many weeks of training with an awesome group of friends, raising money so people in Kenya and Uganda don’t have to drink diarrhea water.

Whew! It’s even hard to write!

For the wedding, the entire thing was just a recipe for a special moment, because they are a couple committed to Christ, to each other and aren’t thinking of just themselves.

Whenever I get together with couples putting together the flow for their big day we come up with a few words that will dictate how we put together the ceremony. And for this couple it was holy, Holy Spirit and Jesus. And I want to tell you that for them and for those that were present, it was a Holy Spirit, Holy Jesus moment that impacted people in a powerful way!


photo courtesy of my friend John who thought to capture it… me, not so much!

I know for people just in attendance at the wedding, those who are themselves planning on getting married, it really brought some things into perspective.

Of course there was a really fun party after, but that’s the point, the party was after the holy moment, the special time with God, family and friends. After Austin and Kristen they said their vows and exchanged rings, their first act as a married couple was communion…

I was able to have that tender, intimate, sweet moment with them. And even though people witnessing this didn’t know what was being said, they felt it because the Holy Spirit was there!


Because of the support that Austin and Kristen have from God, their family and friends they will continue to impact lives in incredible ways! Thank you for the privilege of being involved!