Why I’ll Miss This Christmas When It’s Over

I want you to know that this year when Christmas comes and goes, I’m going to really miss it. I think it’s because of the series we’re in now: Prelude – getting into the rhythm of Christmas. This season I’m trying to take time every day to pause, take a deep breath, and inhale and exhale God’s presence. I just want to come before Christ this season with reverence and with respect for the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of peace (Isaiah 9:6).

What I’m finding is this: if we take time to prepare for Christmas, we can experience God in a new, refreshing way that sticks with us all year long.

So, take time today to prepare yourself and to have an expectation to see, feel, and experience the Christ of Christmas who is with us in His spirit today and every day.

I said I was going to miss Christmas and be disappointed when the holiday is gone, but that’s not entirely true because I know that we can experience the joy of Christmas and the Christ of Christmas every day – that’s why He came.


Christmas Traditions

You know what I love about this season? I love traditions.

Traditions are something that people look forward to and, believe it or not, they can bring unity to a family or a relationship during the holidays. I was reminded of joy of traditions this past Sunday when our church converged together to bake cookies.

It was kind of chaotic, there was flour flying everywhere, but it was definitely festive. And, the mothers did a great job of including even those who couldn’t decorate perfectly. So, when you bite into a cookie that was obviously decorated by a two-year-old, it might not make it on the Food Network channel but it still brings a smile to your face knowing there was love, care and holiday tradition put into that cookie.

So, whether it’s baking cookies or, if you live in Michigan, at least once a year going to Frankenmuth (which is kind of like the capital of Christmas), traditions are something that people look forward to, they bring a smile to your face and they help memories live on.

When some people are no longer here, there are still those traditions that live on and help us to recall their presence and memory during the holidays.

Traditions Last for a Reason

You may not always love them, but don’t complain about traditions because they might be the very glue that brings families together and it might be what you are remembered for in the future.

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Unsung Heroes

You see it in the news, you hear it in the radio: California is in flames.

Parts of Southern California are battling a blaze that is larger than New York City and Boston combined. What a tragedy. People are losing homes, pets, community structures and, though it’s happening on the other side of the country, it’s a big deal. My hope and prayer is that the church of Jesus Christ in California rises up to get those people assistance.

When I see headlines like that, I also think of all the unsung – those who are battling the fire and giving assistance to those in need. These firefighters, service members, and volunteers are helping entire communities whose Christmas season has now been radically altered from gift buying and family traditions to trying to salvage their homes and belongings from the flames.

These unsung heroes are acting with unbelievable love and compassion.

This makes me think of other selfless servants. Nurses who work on Christmas day. People serving our elderly in nursing homes during the holidays. My mind begins to think about these people who work behind the scenes, who make bad situations much more tolerable for people.

Thanks for being there when no one else was, thanks for changing your schedule to help someone else in their unexpected life situation.

All this goes back to the idea of appreciation – of having an attitude of gratitude. I hope this spurs you to thank someone who is carrying the weight and giving that person a voice of encouragement and appreciation. It can make all the difference.

And, remember, the Bible says to be kind in our works and to express words of kindness to one another.

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