Celebrating Moms

People say that grief never goes away, you never “get over” losing someone important you, but it just lessens.

That’s how I feel about Mother’s Day and thinking about my mom who passed away many years ago. It makes me incredibly sentimental and I’m tearing up right now just reading this.

I thank God for my mom, who was my biggest cheerleader, which didn’t mean she always went along with what I was doing. She gave me a Godly rebuke when I needed it and brought me back into alignment by doing it!

But I always knew she loved me and encouraged me. She believed whatever God called me to do I could do it through Christ who strengthens me. I never made a major decision while she was alive without asking her to pray. It seemed to me like she had a real hotline to heaven through her personal relationship with Christ.

I owe a majority of who I am to my mom. She was always in the stands at swim meets, she was always on the sidelines at ball games, she was always there to hear me speak when I was just beginning.

Thanks Mom for showing me Jesus because I know you’re with Jesus and I’ll see you again!

But until God calls me home I’ll  keep telling people about Jesus because you showed me and you lived for Him.

To all of you who may have lost a mom, a child and suffered through an unspeakable loss. to those who can’t have children or even who don’t have a good relationship with their moms, I pray for peace and comfort for you during this time too.

Mother’s Day can be an emotional day depending on where you’re at. But every one of us has someone a mother figure who has gone the second mile for us. Don’t use only “the day” to thank her. Find ways to regularly thank that her, love on her and appreciate her. Somewhere there’s a women in your life who needs to be encouraged.

Praying this morning for a tragedy close to home

I woke up this morning for an early appointment and as perhaps many of you did heard the tragic news of a horrific car accident just a few miles from our church where five people were killed in a two-car collision.

News continues to come out about what happened but it seems just tragic that so many were killed and perhaps some are in the hospital in critical condition according to one report.

Life just has a way of catching our attention like this. We can hear of horrible news far away and sure notice and pray but when something like this happens so close to home… it affects us so differently.

I immediately thought of what it would be like if it was someone in my family or someone I knew and so I started praying for the families involved and the emergency responders involved. I hope you’ll join me in this as I can only imagine what they will be going through in the weeks and months ahead!


Life is precious and we don’t know what tomorrow or today holds. It only makes me more resolved in sharing the message of Christ so that people are certain of their eternity, certain of their destination after this life. I know I’m kind of going all over the place here but I want to leave you with this:

Life is precious and can change so quickly. I hope you appreciate every moment and share your faith in Jesus because He secures your eternity!

While it’s not Festivus … here are some grievances

With all apologies to the common practice of “Airing of Grievances” at the totally real Seinfeld holiday of Festivus… someone asked me recently what annoys me…

Now I don’t think I even like that question since it’s so negative, but it’s true, we all have things that piss us off and other things which are annoying (the way your toilet paper roll is, leaving toothpaste in the sink) but you let it go.

For me, you may think it’s driving behind a slow driver on a long, curvy road (it is but I’m working on it) or having to sit for long periods of time (that too, but again, growth, man). But what really annoys me is the much more grievous thing called posers.

These are those people you know who say one thing and do something completely differently. I mean even saying it I wonder if I’m guilty of doing it myself but because of Christ and who I am, I hope I have enough emotional intelligence to be honest with myself and others to not be that way.

I think the ones that bother me the most are the ones who say they are a Christian but there’s not a lot of evidence of fruit or growth or love. With these people there’s no evidence of forgiveness or grace with others. What bothers me about this is that it doesn’t represent Jesus well.

I know just saying this I set myself up for grief because I know I screw up, I mess up and I’m not always who I want to be. But when I mess up I admit it and I have people who speak truth to me and and help me get through it.

I put one foot in front of another and be willing to dive into the pool of being a fully-devoted follower of Christ. I know that so many people who fall into the “poser” trap have been taught better and have been modeled better … I guess if I’m real it doesn’t tick me off as much as it’s just so disappointing to see these people miss out on the fullness of what Christ has for them. I know what I’m missing when I fall away…

Are there places where you need to be real with someone about an area you’re posing in your life?