How the Olympics motivates me

I really enjoyed watching the Olympics these last few weeks so much so that my sleep rhythm gets messed up!

I vowed it wouldn’t happen this time, but I was totally into the swimming and track and field. It was so amazing watching these people perform at peak level – it’s a total inspiration for me.

When I’m going out on a training run and doing 7 miles and I want to quit, I think of the gymnast Simone Biles or swimmer Michael Phelps and I realize it’s nothing compared to what they have to train for to stay at top performance levels. I don’t know if it’s true – I have to back up what I heard about this – but I’ve heard that the Navy Seals says when you don’t have more to give you in fact can find have 40% more. Wow, I’m inspired!

I also find inspiration in that there are more than 10,000 athletes that come to the Olympics who don’t even leave with a medal. But they’re still Olympians, they qualified, they went and that rocks!

I also love the stories of character, support and love. The story of long-distance runners Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand and Abbey D’Agostino of the United States getting tripped up and rather than getting all worked up, and upset, they helped each other, receiving an important recognition just yesterday as a result of their sportsmanship!

The stories behind the stories are unbelievable. There’s something about being physically fit that it changes people for the good not the bad, the positive not the negative…

I wish the Olympics would come very year because then I’d have this great inspiration!

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That thing where you feel really comfortable with people

Recently Jeanette and I were on the West side of the Michigan at a community church service where Jeanette sang – and she smacked a home run – and I spoke. Grace Adventures is an organization that from Memorial Day to Labor Day provides a community church services for all those on the dunes, at their cottages and spending time go karting, etc.


We spent some invaluable time with two of our special friends – Steve and Cathey. And because we’ve been going there, singing and speaking for a couple of years, we’ve made friends. And I don’t say that loosely, when you connect with people because of the Holy Spirit – that’s called koinoia fellowship. You don’t have to see people every day or once a month to have a deep connection. When you’re around fellow believers we often have this God connection, Holy Spirit connection that helps us feel comfortable with people.

We had some great koinoia with Steve and Cathey who are just absolute warriors in the faith and life and we reacquainted with those who we met before. Why am I saying all of this?

I’m a blessed guy. I got to see beautiful Lake Michigan, spend some time on the beach, spent an incredible time on a Razr (this dune buggy type vehicle going up and down the dunes) I was able to share God’s truth, ate some incredible Chicken Wings… I just had to think about how I’m a blessed, fortunate individual.

I had the same feeling during my trip to Uganda and Kenya. Those we worked with, the pastors and evangelists that work with the Pokot Ministries, it was pure joy working with them. We laughed, we prayed, we ministered together, we laughed, we laughed again because a merry heart does good like medicine.

There are some things that cross cultures and that’s again the idea of being with a fellow believer with koinoia fellowship. Those who don’t know Christ can’t experience that immediate connection. Put that with laughter and that’s a winning combination.

It’s my mission in life to share the blessings God has given me with others, but at times being in koinoia with others is just so refreshing. Thank you for the opportunity God to speak and be with other people who know you! Doesn’t get much better.

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Kenya trip and those crazies I traveled with

One of the highlights of my recent compassion and humanitarian trip to Uganda and Kenya was being with one of the gentlemen on the trip by the name of Dave Cherry.


Dave and I worked out together in the mountains, running at an elevation of around 5,000 of feet above sea level. It took a few days to be acclimated and adjusted to the thinner air, but it was invigorating! Running in the mountains was obviously different than running in Kensington Metropark or in Milford, but when you have someone else there running with you, encouraging you there’s just an intense camaraderie that develops.

When you’re sweating your buns off it’s not as bad doing it with a friend and doing it with clean water and for clean water. So thanks Dave!

If you’re not out there exercising or don’t have someone to do with, get a friend, find a buddy, tackle someone on the street to workout with someone else. It’s healthy in multiple ways!

Beyond that workout, what made the trip so positive? It was the people I traveled with.

When you go on trips with other individuals, those who think differently and have different personalities, there’s always room for drama. Some trips are high maintenance trips, some medium trips. This trip, with my 6 other traveling companions, was the closest to non-maintenance that I’ve ever been on!

dave adn team

Everyone was there to serve, to put their personal agenda aside, to put a servant’s towel over their arms and move forward. They had “can do” spirits! That was consistent with what Jesus said to love and serve others.

There’s something healing to that.

I hope you all have an opportunity to be a part of something as significant and life-changing as this or at least be with people with little drama, right hearts, prayed up, prepared and ready to follow the promptings of God!