What would you do?

I’m sure you saw the news about the Oroville Dam in California which earlier this week developed a hole in its emergency spillway and forced the evacuation of 200,000 people under danger of potential flooding… many of whom are just now returning home.

Did you see the pictures or video of the seemingly tsunami created from that water going down the spillway? It was massive!

Could you imagine being given 20 minutes to evacuate your home? What would you grab? What would you take, not assuming you were going back?

I’d grab my wife, my kids, my grandkids – if they were over – probably a couple of pictures and since I had my phone with me and have the Bible app on it.. I guess that’s all I need. Maybe the safety deposit box with our passports and other important information…

What would really be important? The life of the people I love and my connection with Jesus! Nothing else really matters! What would you grab?

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Your place

Just let me ask you a question… What’s your go to place you go or the thing you do more frequently than anything else other than going to the bathroom or grooming yourself?

And  don’t mean to be crude in saying that, I’m just wondering if meditating on God’s word, memorizing God’s word, taking in God’s word is something that you have to do or need to do everyday? Is it something you can’t live without every day? And if not, why not?

The more I read God’s word, I realize that it never gets old, it always has something new for me and even when I read through some of the more seemingly “boring” parts (like the books about the lineage and who begat who…) there’s still a message and a thread of hope.

The Bible, God’s word, our manual for living, illuminates us, inspires us, instructs us and at times it kicks our butts. Mine included and that’s okay!

Psalm 119: 11: I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you

If there’s anything that you do on a daily basis, there’s nothing more important than reading God’s word!


Thy word have I hidden in my heart…


Don’t want this to be DO IT because you should… read it, pray over it, take in so that you’re refreshed, refueled, regenerated, regrouped, there’s nothing greater than we have today to recablatreate us… ‘m reading through the Bible again this year, chronologically and I can’t believe again what I’m learning.

Relationships and stuff

There’s just something about Sundays right now at Venture Church that are just an absolute blast!

I don’t know if it’s still the excitement from the New Year, the relationships series that we’re in or what, but there’s a mojo, an energy, an expectation with the great music, great speakers we’ve had and some great stories about how people are living this out in their lives. Where does it come from?

The Bible says the joy of the Lord is our strength!

I get up on Sundays and I literally can’t wait to get to Venture just anticipating what God is going to do and how He will show up! We’re seeing marriages mended, relationship dysfunction mended, people stepping over the line of faith and doing life with God vs. on their own.

That’s something to be enthusiastic about and something to encourage us all!

If you’re reading this and don’t attend Venture, come check us out. If you’re a regular attender, come this weekend and anticipate that God will be here and that He has something to say to you. Pray people will be obedient to His promptings. Join us THIS weekend for a great message about drawing a line in the sand and stepping away from the practices and addictions that are destructive to our relationships!